Facts That You Should Know About Distracted Driving

Distraction is a vague word but has one very clear-cut meaning especially, for driving purposes. Distraction driving is unfocused driving where the driver is unable to keep focus and attention on the road. Every year distractions are increasing the number of fatality and lives it is claiming.

Distraction driving can be any activity that takes away your focus from the driving purposes alone. Such as changing the music chart-number, shuffling through the navigation page, fetching a bottle from the side window, getting a granola bar from the glove-box, etc. 

Distracted driving

A 5-second glance on the phone screen instead of the road can kill you at least a hundred times repeatedly in that time-frame. Distracted driving is everything that takes away your focus from the road. It is crucial to have a focus on the road while driving. It is why it is imperative to get the facts, get involved, and keep the American-roads and people safe on roads.

Following are the 20 distracting driving facts related to distracted driving as well as texting while driving. Startling facts that will change how you look at distracted driving again.

1 – Teen Drivers

Teen drivers driving the car have increased chances of getting involved in a possibly fatal accident.

2 – Double Chances With Double Occupants

Most teen drivers are involved in impending road-crashes while being accompanied by another friend in their tow. 

3 – How Men Get Distracted While Driving

Men are more associated and inclined towards driving back from after-work parties and otherwise after drinking.

4 – How Women Get Distracted While Driving

Women will try to juggle things together by choosing to reply to texts or mail while sitting behind the wheel.

5 – Multi-Tasking While Driving Is A Myth

No human can do multi-tasking literally. Our minds merely switch between two things real fast. Many therefore feel they can operate their phones while driving.

6 – Eating Or Drinking While Driving

In most cases, people lose their focus from the road while driving, for a bite of food, packet of chips, etc.

7 – Safety Of Your Close Ones

Driving on the road should not cost our near and dear ones that many people forget while driving on the road, with family or kids.

8 – Problem-Solving Skills Becomes Zero

Problem-solving skills while driving diminishes significantly because the mind gets distracted.

9 – Attention On The Road Matters

Shifting the focus from the road to your phone or anything else takes away your attention for longer than the activity itself last. The afterthoughts of the distraction can make you emersed, taking away the attention even while looking at the road.

10 – Eye Coordination

When switching between two things, distraction will not allow you to rearrange your eye-coordination to become as fast as your thoughts. In other words, when you switch your gaze from the road to your phone, your eyes will take few seconds to adjust to the sudden changes.

11 – Social Media Can Wait

Staying connected with friends or family can be much tempting, but resist this urge while driving. This attraction to using Social Media all the time has become a prominent reason for accidents. Selfies and live video urges while driving can be fatal.

12 – Driving Along with Young Children

Parents are more likely to get distracted while traveling with young kids because attending to the young minds while concentrating on the road can become laborious and tricky. 

13 – Driving with wireless devices on

It might come as a shock for many, but having a Bluetooth wireless device on-ear in use while driving has substantially added more people hurt and met with an accident.

14 – Reaching For Things Inside The Car While Driving

Reaching for a snack from the glove-box while driving can take away a lot more than satiate your hunger. Trying to lunge for an object increases the chances of fatal crashes.  

15 – Driving While Changing GPS Setting On The Road

Multi-tasking does not go hand in hand while driving on the road. There are probable chances of getting involved in a crash if you choose to type in addresses etc.

Five Facts With Statistics

1 – Distracted Driving In The US

1.6 million of the total had their phone on them while reported for road accidents. However, NSC (National Safety Council) survey revealed that 20% of people aged 18 to 20 years said that texting does not come in their way while driving.

2 – Texting Is Dangerous

Texting can increase the chances of crashing on the road by 23 times, even with someone else fault. 1-in-4 accidents on the road have texting distracted driving as their culprit. Texting is six-time more dangerous than drunk-driving based on stats. 

3 – Teens And Distracted Driving

94% of all teens are well aware of the outcomes of using phones on the road. And yet, 35% of them still seen using their phones while driving.

4 – Kids And Distracted Drivers

Adults forget about the safety of their co-passengers as well while being distracted. More than 1600 kids get killed on the road due to unnecessary texting distraction while driving. 48% of the children discovered to be with a texting driver while on any vehicle.

5 – Distraction On Road Is Dangerous

Due to distracted driving on the road, 1000 crashes get reported every day. Life-claiming accounts for 10 percent of all critical injury crashes, accounting for 18%, and 16% of all police-reported vehicle traffic crashes were reported in 2013, with distracted driving as the reason for crashes.


When driving, it is necessary to be aware of our surroundings and make calculated decisions based on your focus. One can potentially take the help of technology advancement with the growing times. Several apps and social media campaigns have come up ahead with their take on safety. Like the ‘It Can Wait’ simulator, which has helped drive awareness of the consequences of texting while driving.

It Can Wait campaign focuses on the distracted driving facts at hand alarmingly, helping every citizen become a responsible citizen of the United States. Join the movement by pledging to stay safe and joining the wagon to stop distractions while driving. When we all will cumulatively make efforts and take precautions, we save hundreds of lives.

Simulator virtual reality makes people realize how life can be different while driving. Based on distinct actions taken accounting for a few seconds of mobile phone use while driving. What might feel acceptable today can very well be the reason for destruction tomorrow. Therefore, appreciation of programs like It Can Wait, especially the virtual reality simulator, is crucial. 

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